22 Dec 2017

MOTOTRAVEL.IT was founded in 2017 by Damiano Cappato, a passionate biker and rider, who has planned tours and itineraries since 2009, both in Italy and abroad (France, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia).
MOTOTRAVEL.IT is for all those wanting to live to the fullest their passion for motorbike, travel, nature, culture, local cuisine, and for new and good friendships.
MOTOTRAVEL.IT intends to promote the land where it was set up, the Polesine. This area is also known as "the Land of the Great Rivers", referring to Adige and Po with its wonderful Delta. The Polesine has a lot to offer to its visitors: great cultural and natural heritage, traditions, culture, local gastro specialties and wine.
MOTOTRAVEL.IT was created with the purpose of planning tours and events, where motorcycles and tourism are always protagonists.
Here they are a few of our organized trips:

  • 2009 - 3 days: 15 alpine passes in 3 days (from St. Moritz to Grossglockner)
  • 2010 - 4 days: Central Italy (from Tuscany to Terminillo Mountain)
  • 2011 - 4 days: Southern France (Gorges Du Verdun, Esterel)
  • 2012 - 4 days: Austria, Switzerland, France (from Solden to French Alps)
  • 2013 - 4 days: Savoy, Provence, French Riviera (from Courmayeur to Cassis)
  • 2014 - 4 days: Southern France part II (from Italy to Millau, Carcassonne and Pont du Gard)
  • 2015 - 1 Day Tour: From the Apennines to the Alps, and from the Po Delta to Lake Garda
  • 2016 - * 4 days: Central Italy (including Coast to Coast, from Vasto to Paestum / Sorrento Peninsula)
               * 3 days: Alpen Tour (from Dolomiti to Grossglockner & Friuli Venezia Giulia)
  • 2017 - * 3 days: Eroica in Moto (Tuscany, through Chianti Hills along its white roads)
               * 3 days: Montecarlo and the French Alpin passes
  • 2018 - * 3 days: Sic DayEvent (weekend between Coriano and Misano Adriatico, remembering rider Marco
                * 2 days: Flavor Tour 2018 (motorbike tour through mountains and valleys of Veneto land, including
                tastings of speck, beer, Prosecco wine)
  • 2019 - * 3 days: Motor Sic Land (3 days in the land of Sic, in Coriano, remembering the great champion)
               Marco Simoncelli
               * 3 days: Eroica in Moto 2019 edition (Mud and Glory instead of Dust and Glory)
               * 3 days: Abruzzo Tour (tour along beautiful road of Abruzzo Land, visiting beautiful cities of
               Amatrice, Leonessa, Calascio)

MOTOTRAVEL.IT: the best trip is yet to come!