22 Dec 2017


"My dear friend,
motorcycle trips, if done without passion and without the desire to demonstrate what someone is capable of, are not emotional trips, but only commercial trips..."

Taking and adapting this thought expressed by the great eng. Nicola Materazzi (referring to cars), this statement already gives the idea of ​​the MISSION of MOTOTRAVEL.IT

Damiano Cappato, lives in Rovigo, and is the creator of MOTOTRAVEL.IT. As a passionate motorcyclist and motorbike tourist, he has been traveling and traveling since 2009.

MOTOTRAVEL.IT is aimed at those who want to experience the passion for motorcycles, combining the love for travel and nature with that for friendship (old friends to find and new ones to meet)

MOTOTRAVEL.IT, with its initiatives, intends, first of all, to enhance its Country, the Country of Italy, without neglecting European countries. Every journey must be an emotional journey. LESS IS MORE: a few days, many emotions!

Here they are a few exemples of trips:
• Switzerland, Austria, (from St. Moritz to Grossglockner)
• Central Italy (from Maremma to Terminillo)
• Southern France (Verdon Gorges, Esterel)
• Savoy, Provence, French Riviera (from Courmayeur to Cassis)
• Southern France part II (from Italy to Millau, Carcassonne and Pont du Gard)
• Central Italy 1 (Coast to Coast from Vasto to Amalfi, from the Adriatic to the Tyrrhenian)
• France (Monte Carlo and the French Alpine passes)
• Tour of Wines and Flavors (food and wine tour between Trentino and Veneto, between Speck and Prosecco)
• Eroica in Moto (authentic Chianti through the white Tuscan roads); 4 Editions!
• The Highlands of Veneto (Monte Grappa and Asiago)
• Mototravel.it meets SBK champion Frankie Chili
• Tour of the Po Delta and lavender field of Polesine
• Gran Tour of Lessini Mountains
• Central Italy 2 (Abruzzo, Sibillini Mountanis, Leonessa, Amatrice)

MOTOTRAVEL.IT: The better trip, is yet to come!