29 Jun 2018

Motorbike holidays: alone or with friends?

travelling alone or with friends

Motorbike holidays: Is it better alone or with friends?

Summer 2018 has just arrived, your holidays are approaching and the usual dilemma is: Is it better doing motorbike holidays alone, or with some friends? At the moment, we prefer don't speak about  "motorcycle holidays  with girlfriend  / wife", because this one  is a dangerous minefield, and  I prefer getting old  before I die.

26 Jun 2018

Mototravel.it changes his logo: different logo, the same desire to ride!

Mototravel.it: different logo, the same desire to ride!

Mototravel.it changes his logo, it becomes MOTOTRAVEL.IT "RIDE WITH ME". There was a great  desire to give a more personal, friendly and less "institutional" impression .... There was a new great desire in order of a more direct approach with all of you, riders and bikers ! Now Mototravel.it, with great humility, is going to became "more blog", "more sharing point", and a real place to stay and find the right  riding opportunity!

16 Apr 2018

Mototour + SicDay 2018: peccato non esserci!

A very nice tour, planned for you! We'll begin with the Apennines of Tuscany and Romagna; and then we'll live the great experience of SicDay 2018, the 7th Memorial event dedicated to Marco Simoncelli and planned in Coriano,  Marco's hometown.

Join you too, and also come with us, to live a trip into a trip!

in this web site, Enter in the travel menu "Tour Mugello-Casentinese-SicsDay 2018": you will find information, details and how to register.



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