17 Nov 2019


Physical well-being and good physical shape are essential aspects to fully enjoy your bike, both on the road and on the track.

At the end of the motorbike season,when the the great cold season comes,  many of us suspend motorcycle insurance and travel by car. With winter season,  the holidays also arrive: Christmas and New Year, in addition to the usual gifts, they give us extra pounds (they are hard to leave). In spring, IT's very difficult close our full leather suit! The same, our jackets look like strength shirts. In the spring, after a long period of inactivity, we are led to lose the rhythm, and find ourselves a damned feeling of tiredness that assails us, both in the middle shift on the track, and during the Sunday trip with friends.

But all this can be avoided, with a correct and targeted "motorcyclist fitness" both for those who want to go on the track and for those who want to take a simple trip out of town.

Motorcycling can be defined as a complete sport from a muscular point of view. All the major muscle groups are involved and the cardiovascular system is also stressed.

All the muscle groups of our body are involved: from the upper limbs that must hold the handlebars firmly (we think at the moment of braking), to the lower limbs, which depending on one's driving technique can be used a lot in the movements, to the trunk that he always works to keep the pilot in his place.
In off-road driving, where we stand on the platforms to absorb the stresses of the uneven ground, the legs do a great job assisted by the upper limbs with the muscles of the forearms that must hold the handlebars firmly, which is why many drivers suffer from pump arm syndrome, called in this way for the painful contracture of the forearms due to the stress to which these muscles are subjected. The trunk is then subjected to considerable efforts between absorbing the impact from jumps and maintaining a correct riding position.

On which factors, therefore, should we work best to drive a motorcycle safely, on the road, and/or on the track?

To drive safely on the road we must work above all on the resistance, so as to make Sunday outings (and even better multi-day tours) without fatigue, always remaining lucid and active; fatigue leads to poor concentration, increasing risks, and on the road it is good to never risk it. As far as the track is concerned, the same goes in part, to which are added other factors such as strength, speed and agility, necessary to always drive the bike to the maximum. This is why it is essential to train well, to support the energy demands of our body during the time we are in motion, without suffering from physical declines and loss of lucidity.

How can we prepare ourselves to improve the fitness of the motorcyclist and therefore our fitness?

We recommend activities in the gym where we can perform targeted workouts with specific programs that allow us to keep all the muscles we use during motorcycling toned; Crossfit is a good discipline to stay in shape but it cannot replace a specific program. To take a breath, the choice can be between cycling, running and cross-country skiing, but we can also improve it in the gym with dedicated indoor training programs.

What are the most common mistakes we usually make?

The most common mistake is to do ourself workout without having the right knowledge on the matter or by relying on improvised advisors. Unfortunately there are many myths to dispel: one of these, and a classic, is to train the forearms to avoid fatigue to the latter. It is the exact opposite, making the situation only worse in that way.

In what percentage is nutrition important for good athletic preparation?

The same percentage for which it is important to put a good engine oil in our bike rather than a poor one.

We hear about a thousand types of food, but none seem to be the right one. Which one is best for a pilot?

The best diet to follow is a healthy and correct diet we think the best nutrition way is the classic Mediterranean  Diet. Obviously,  in the right portions because we are different people and  everyone has their own daily caloric needs.

Therefore, for every biker or rider we suggest to follow a training program that meets their needs, to feed themselves correctly and to find the right mental approach to the road, and/or to the track.

In a nutshell, to stop "burning gasoline" but really turn around expressing your potential.

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