07 May 2023


Finally we can reveal the name of the guest of the "Polesine & Delta del Po" 2023 event:


Matteo, born in 1983, originally from Rimini, has always had the passion for adventure since he was a child.
In 2004, his dream cames true: going to India and Nepal. And here the precedent was born. From that moment his life is transformed and the adventures begin to follow one another.

Trips, landscapes, local cultures, by now completely capture him, to such an extent that time and resources are dedicated to new adventure projects, rigorously solo.

In 2006  he also successfully approached his passion for photography (his first machine was Nikon FE, 1978), later replaced with a digital Canon still in use today.

After a one-year interlude, between 2007 and 2008 in Ireland, he returned to Italy. Three years later, he resumed his adventurous journeys on his faithful steed of steel (Honda Transalp, 2003).

His existence and his happiness can be summed up with the acronym V.F.M.:  Travel - Photography - Motorcycle.

Looking at the statistics, we can say that Matteo Nanni has visited and taken photos in over 30 European and non-European countries from 2006 to today. And his most beautiful journey, of course, is the one to come!

We look forward to seeing you at the POLESINE & PO DELTA TOUR, on 17 and 18 June 2023, where you can get to know Matteo Nanni, share travel and life experiences with him and, why not, get new ideas for one of your next trips!

For info, details, subscriptions, etc... here is the linkhttps://www.mototravel.it/it/itinerari/tour-polesine-delta-del-po-2023-s...

We are waiting for you!!!