26 Giu 2018

Mototravel.it: different logo, the same desire to ride!

Mototravel.it changes his logo, it becomes MOTOTRAVEL.IT "RIDE WITH ME". There was a great  desire to give a more personal, friendly and less "institutional" impression .... There was a new great desire in order of a more direct approach with all of you, riders and bikers ! Now Mototravel.it, with great humility, is going to became "more blog", "more sharing point", and a real place to stay and find the right  riding opportunity!

At your disposal, enjoy your life, enjoy your bike!

"the best trip is yet to come!

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Mototravel.it changes his logo: different logo, the same desire to ride! | Mototravel - Mototurismo Veneto e Tour


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