29 Jun 2018
travelling alone or with friends

Motorbike holidays: Is it better alone or with friends?

Summer 2018 has just arrived, your holidays are approaching and the usual dilemma is: Is it better doing motorbike holidays alone, or with some friends? At the moment, we prefer don't speak about  "motorcycle holidays  with girlfriend  / wife", because this one  is a dangerous minefield, and  I prefer getting old  before I die.

Let's start: all of us,  riding our bike, reflect our  character, as in our life; there is the solitary man, the shy, the prankster, the "prince", the "first woman",  the "guest star", etc., etc., etc. ..

Each choice has both positive and negative aspects. Let's see in detail:

TRAVELLING ALONE: POSITIVE ASPECTS: the itinerary and the final destination are planned by a single person, and no one can say anything; you decide your departure times, timetable, stops and arrival time at your convenience or according to your needs; the overnight stay, is never a problem, in order of location, or badget; during the journey, you are alone with yourself,  the journey becomes 2 different  journeys, one outside of you and one introspective; NEGATIVE ASPECTS: there is anyone to share your travel experience; you often could feel unsafe; in case of failure of the vehicle, of fall of it  or health and pharmaceutical needs, you must  rely only on yourself. You maybe, could suffer loneliness, especially in the evening.
TRAVELLING WITH FRIENDS: you can  see the opposite sides  in order of travelling alone (the positives become negatives and the negatives become positive).

I truly  think that everyone should  live  both experiences, travelling alone and with friends, to live unforgettable life experiences. Every choice, leaves a mark in your life,  and you always  will come back home like a different  person,  than  before you left.

Enjoy your motorcycle way of life!