22 Dec 2017


Why to do mototouring? 

The motorcycle  has always been a symbol of freedom, indipendence and open contact with the outside world , not "boxed" inside the sheet metal of a car. The sounds, the smells, the perfumes, the people and the bikers that you meet, the landscapes, the cultural beauties, the inns and the local gastronomy are just some aspects that make the "motorcycle way" , a unique and original way. Alone or in a group does not matter, what matters is to be free and feel your freedom during all the time that you ride the two-wheels "iron-horse". The low speed limits, the speed cameras and the tutors,the bad conditions of road's surfaces, the high density of cars, the distracted motorists, mean that, along the roads, we can meet more  touring bike and less racing bikes. Perhaps for this reason mototourism is living a new age in times like these. and so, we can see, that all motorcycle manufacturers produce superconfortable bikes (sport-tourer, maxi enduro, crossover, etc ...)!

And remember:  the bike is stressing the people without bike!